TECH IN ASIA: A Taste of Global Innovation

Joining into the diversity of Tech in Asia, 2018, the Turing Analytics team stepped into Singapore accompanied by their loved ones. It was an incredible event, and the fun was only heightened by this being the first company trip abroad!

Stepping into Singapore with the family


Tech in Asia, 2018

Immersed in the energy of innovation, the event couldn’t have been better. After interacting with and meeting hundreds of different visionaries, we have to say, the two days were as exhilarating as they were overwhelming.

In fact, the international event saw the coming together of some of the World’s most ingenious minds. With start-ups and companies from across from more than 50 countries, including Australia, Middle-east,Germany, UK,USA, the diversity was incredible.

Ensuring efficiency even on such an expansive scale, the the Start-Up Factory stole the show. This crowd-favorite segment does just what the name suggests. It gives growing and niche start-ups the spotlight they deserve.


Giving a voice to Innovation: "The Start-Up Factory"

To do so the Start-Up Factory lends the stage to 100 entrepreneurs from a variety of industries each day. This way, a total of 200 start-ups were able to present their offerings from their stalls.

With this unique arrangement, fledgling businesses were able to get a boost without worrying about the high financial investments often required to be a part of tech conventions.

Making it easier to navigate the field, start-ups were grouped by domains, yet spread across a spectrum of domains.
To add to the energy, the hands-on demos by the various other participants were an absolute treat. Diving into the incredible energy, the Turing Analytics team participated eagerly.

Enjoying the power of innovation

And what’s more, throughout the event, there were several CxOs from multi-national companies visiting as well. With numerous investors and VCs also joining into the excitement, it was the perfect setting to promote innovation. They were all enthusiastically participating, sharing their knowledge, imparting advice, and conversing with the beginners in the field. This avid participation alongside the diversity of businesses made Tech in Asia one of the most rewarding international conventions of the year.

After all, what do you get when you pair a room full of visionaries with the exact ingredients of success? The most perfect storm to kick-start the innovation, of course!

Turing Analytics at the Start-up Arena


Turing Analytics was soon becoming the popular one at the arena with the live demo of our product Visual Search. VCs, CXOs, Software engineers,Technology enthusiasts, University students, the list of visitors at Turing’s stall goes on and on. The demo was a hit with people trying to click and search anything and everything around them using Turing’s Visual search solution live on Facebook messenger. With most people getting surprised at the speed of the search, some were more impressed with the accuracy and similarity of the item being searched and the results. Let’s just say, the next time they hear Visual search, Turing Analytics will definitely be the first name they think of.

“Turing Analytics is a machine learning company that delivers intelligent solutions to Retailers helping them improve product discovery, customer engagement and boost conversion rates. They expertise in building Visual Search & recommendation solutions, which enable retailers to recommend visually similar products to their customers and search products by uploading a picture.”