When a customer can not find a particular product in their size at your online store, usually one or a combination of these three things happen:

  • You loose a potential sale
  • You have disappointed a customer
  • Your competitor might get a new loyal customer

To rectify this exact situation and ensure that your customers always have a great experience, Turing Analytics’ brings to you “Turing Product Recommendations” (now available at Shopify App Store). In brief, this plug-in is a simple yet accurate recommendation engine that helps your customers in finding the right clothes, furniture or accessories.

“Companies like Amazon dedicate 70% of their homepage to all kinds of recommendations.”

So what exactly are these recommendations and why are they so useful?

While there are different kinds of recommendation plug-ins such as “people who bought this also bought”, “store best sellers”, “recently viewed”, etc. The one that delivers highest conversaion rates for fashion, furniture and accessories categories of products is “similar products recommendations”.

Let’s say your customer is browsing your site for a bar cabinet with multiple drawers. Then this plug-in will show a list of similar cabinets below the current product details. Therefore, the customer will have multiple options to choose from instead of only one product that they’ve been looking at. This in turn may intrigue your customer to a level that they might go for one of the similar product with slightly different specifications then the current one.

This is especially helpful when the product customer lands on is "out of stock".

“Our clients have seen a 30% increase in sales and 5 times increase in conversion rates using our AI powered similar product recommendations”

The plug-in will record, analyze and then predict which products suit your customers’ needs the best. The recommendations will ensure more of your catalog is viewed by the person browsing, which implies customers will go through a larger variety of your products increasing the probability of a sale.

Shopify similar product recommendations

Coming back to our initial challenge, while browsing for products, people usually look for a specific size which may or may not be available, leading to customers abandoning your site. In such instances this plug-in gives your customers an alternative similar option. This reduces abandoned carts leading to happy, loyal and hopefully repeat customers.

In a lot of ways, the recommendation engine acts like a virtual salesperson.

How can you access the Plug-in from Shopify?

Turing product recommendations installation

Turing Analytics’ plug-in can be easily installationed on an app or an e-commerce website with one-click. You can get the app at from the Shopify app store at https://apps.shopify.com/recommend-similar-looking-products. The installation does not require any technical skills and takes only a few minutes.

Once installed a widget will go live as “similar products” on your storefront and is 100% responsive on tablets and smartphones. Also, the plug-in is available in all languages. The widget takes up your company’s branding theme making itself a part of your store.

Convinced yet you need a plugin to help with recommendations? Check out Turing Analytics product recommendation engine live demo.