With more than 600,000 live shopify stores and a 76% revenue growth , Shopify is the first choice for a lot of retailers/individuals entering the online selling space. Shopify helps manage everything, from opening the store, to order management to delivery and customer support .

However, if you truly want to unlock the potential and extend the functionality of your shopify store you have to look into the Shopify Appstore. The appstore is filled with additional plugins to improve CTRs, conversions, sales. But amid the sea of options, below are the 8 essential plugins for your e-commerce platform.

1. Omega Instant Search

Search is one of the most essential parts of an e-commerce website to provide an amazing shopping experience to its customers. It is one of the primary ways you can help customers find what they’re looking for. An efficient search helps increase CTRs and conversions because customers can find what they want right away.

Omega instant search is such an advanced text search tool for Shopify stores. It turns site visitors into actual customers. It has features like Autocomplete, Spell correction, Custom filters, Storewide search etc.

2. Upsell with AI recommendations

You've got your visibility, your store is secure, and the cart abandonment is under control. But all that is of no value when you customers just can't find what they're looking for. That's why out of all the AI additions that you can add to your website, recommendations account for 35% of the sales revenue.

So when you're looking to invest in recommendation plug ins, its best to invest in the best.
There are a wide range of recommendations available to beat the discoverability dilemma, but Upsell with AI recommendations take the cake.This AI based recommendation engine suggests users products based on style, colour and patterns of the product they are currently looking at.It identifies and pushes the higher priced similar products as recommendations.
Whether you sell fashion , furniture or lifestyle products, they provide targeted results , upsell products, boost your conversations , lead to higher sales and reduce cart abandonment.

3. Bargainator

In the e-commerce industry, sales and discounts are considered a major marketing driver behind high volume sales and traffic. It also acquires customer loyalty and can generate a big revenue in a short time span.

Bargainator enables AI-powered negotiation chatbot. It gives a feel of negotiating discounts just like in a real store. You can choose on which products you want the Bargainator enabled and pre-set a maximum discount. If you are looking for a fresh new app that understands discounts for your store, bargainator it is.

4. Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

How often have you noticed yourself adding items to your cart just to avail the free shipping promise?

That's exactly how your customers function. With this plugin, the free shipping bar is always present on top of your website, serving as a constant reminder. Simply add this plug in and notice the increase in sales!

5. Catalog Machine

A well managed eCommerce product catalog should result in quality data.E-commerce merchants should meet their customers demand to have customer-ready product information that is consistent and fully-attributed.

Catalogue machine helps you to build a structured and organized product catalogue instantly. It allows easy import of product data and images and extends products with new fields and images. Social media shareable custom catalogues is another speciality of catalog machine.

6. Instagram Shop Feed

With more than 1 Billion active users Instagram is becoming one of the most important social media platform to connect with customers. It is being used to not only promote products but also to directly sell. Instagram’s Stories feature allows you to do exactly what it sounds like: tell the story of your brand/company.

Instagram shop feed allows you to tag Instagram photos with your products. it makes easy to showcase your Shopify products, directly onto your Instagram Photos. It also tracks the number of clicks to each product through your Insta Shop display.

7. Tidio Live Chat

Nearly 24% of online customers have used the live chat feature.
It can help to prevent lost sales by lowering the bounce rate.

After all, every query can be addressed immediately and with absolute ease.

In fact, of those customers that have used live chat, nearly 75% have stated that it was helpful. Tidio uniquely merges live chat, Bots, and Marketing Automation to meet the expectations of the most demanding Shopify store owners.

8. Plug in SEO

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most long-lasting solutions for increasing brand visibility and sales.

However, this organic growth requires an exhausting process of constantly optimizing your back-end input, ensuring that the right keywords are ideally integrated.

With this, users can get accurate results that match their search preferences. For example, searching for a ‘black hoodie’ will ensure that every option including these keywords will appear in the results. More keywords can further refine your search.

This is our list of top 8 apps on the Shopify Appstore. Let us know your thoughts by commenting below or write to us mail@turingiq.com.

“Turing Analytics is a machine learning company that delivers Visual Intelligence solutions to Retailers helping them improve product discovery, customer engagement and boost conversion rates. They expertise in building Visual Search,recommendation and tagging solutions which enable retailers to recommend visually similar products to their customers and search products by uploading a picture.”