Derive business intelligence from consumer reviews.

With our product review analysis

We can help you identify abusive, spam or stub product reviews

You never have to hire costly data-scientist or crowd-source the task

Our machine learning algorithms do the work with above 90% accuracy

API can classify reviews in real-time and same is made available on dashboard instantly

Reviews are classified in buckets so you can instantly do your anaylsis

Use Cases

Check some sample use cases of our solution. You want to classify some other unstructured text apart from reviews? Contact US

Immediately detect negative review to address grievance

Customers give negative reviews when they have complaints about product or service. TuringIQ can easily give you list of customers who gave negative reviews. This means you can take action immediately and solve customer issues.

Incentivise customer who wrote positive review to share on social media

Our APIs are real-time, which means as soon as customer gives positive review, you can show them options to share it on social media. This increases trust in the brand and brings network effects in picture which often leads to more sales for that perticular product.

Identify and reward those customers who write elaborated and useful reviews

TuringIQ dashboard aggregares all data and shows you in easily accessible manner. For example, you can see which consumers contstantly post useful reviews and you can reward them with some reward points to keep them motivated.

Dashboard classification can help you identify merchants or categories or product which are performing bad

Check the screenshot of our dashboard. It divides reviews in buckets like products, categories and merchants. This means that you can perform queries like "which merchant has most negative reviews in past 7 days?" in seconds. Same is true for categories and products.

This aggregated dashboard help you to identify:

  • Which category has most negative reviews in last 30 days?
  • Which merchant has most positive reviews in last 15 days?
  • Which customer is posting most abusive reviews?
  • Which product is having most negative reviews?
This kind of insights help you identify issue with a product or a merchant immediately.

TuringIQ Dashboard for E-commerce

The dashboard is meticulously designed to be most useful for category managers, product managers and marketing teams.

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