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Give your users physical shop like experience by showing visually similar products while they are shopping on your shopify store.

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Tokyo talkies blue polyester dresses

In Stock


Color: Blue
Neckline: Round
Sleeve Length: Half
Neckline: Round

Visually Similar

Feature Rich Recommendations

Our visually similar recommendation widget is first of its kind in Shopify app store.

  • One-click installation
  • Pay as you go pricing
  • Highest CTR and conversion for fashion and furniture categories
It's proven that visual recommendations work best in unstructured categories like fashion, furniture and home decor.


We have a slabbed pricing strucutre which reduces the cost as your catalogue grows. The total price is calculated on peak number of products in your catalogue in a given month. We never charge for any API calls.

Catalogue Size Price / month Plan
Upto 1,000 $ 0 Free
Upto 5,000 $ 14.99 Basic
Upto 10,000 $ 29.99 Essential
Upto 30,000 $ 39.99 Plus
Above 30,000 $ 49.99 Business

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