Visual Search Plus

Get more sales - let users search products with mobile photos

About Visual Search +

What is Visual Search or Image Search?

For product categories that are highly visual in nature (like fashion, furniture, kitchenware, etc.), searching for them via words is not efficient. Trying to figure out the right keywords or selecting the right filters in results or going through several menus is not fun!

Products in these categories are purchased based on their pattern, shape, color, texture, etc. And easiest way to search them is using an image of what it looks like.

Why you should use this app?

There are four good reasons why stores that sell Fashion and Home & Lifestyle should use this app,

  • Increase catalog discovery.
  • Upsell
  • Faster customer conversion
  • 100% responsive & Mobile-friendly
  • No developer knowledge is required at any of the steps.

Visual search for everyone

Highlight Features

Visual search

New way to search for products

Pictures are worth a 1000 words. Let shoppers buy clothes,

shoes & furniture using photos.
Visual boost

Boost Sales from Social media

More than 70% Millennials buy products based on social media influencers. Let them upload Instagram screenshots to your store & find product

One click

One Click Installation

No coding or development required. Install in one click,

set up instantly and go-live in minutes.

Analytics & Performance Tracking

Our real-time analytics dashboard enables you

the following features for performance tracking.

Installation Steps

Step 1.
Click “Add App” on the banner.
Step 2.
Click “Install app”.
Step 3.
Automatic product indexing.
Step 4.
The widget goes live on your store.

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We have a slabbed pricing strucutre which reduces the cost as your catalogue grows. The total price is calculated on peak number of products in your catalogue in a given month. We never charge for any API calls.


$ 0

  14 Days Free Trial

  Unlimited Products

  Unlimited Searches

  Analytics Dashboard


$ 7

  For Shopify Basic stores

 Unlimited Products

  Unlimited Searches

  Analytics Dashboard


$ 15

  For Shopify stores

  Unlimited Products

  Unlimited Searches

  Analytics Dashboard


$ 30

  For Shopify Advance stores

  Unlimited Products

  Unlimited Searches

  Analytics Dashboard


$ 50

  For Shopify Plus stores

  Unlimited Products

  Unlimited Searches

  Analytics dashboard

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