Visual Search and Similar Product Recommendations

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Similar Product Recommendations

Suggest products with similar pattern, design, shape and colour from your entire catalogue. It analyzes the content of images and suggests visually similar items from your inventory keeping recommendations style-based and popularity-agnostic.

Visual Search

Style cannot be put into words. Give your users ability to click and upload photo to find what they are looking for in your catalog. Let them search your inventory with what the influencers are wearing.

De Duplication

Is your catalog plagued with duplicate products? Identify these duplicates and merge them to clean and optimise catalogue.

Messenger chat-bot

Messenger bot increases FB ad conversion by 5x. Offer similar products and fashion trivia over the FB bot. Push targeted and promotional messages based on the users’ past behaviour.

How it works?

1. Index Images

Use our API to index your entire catalog on our platform. We also provide bulk upload facility

2. Query Images

You can query for similar images either by URL or by uploading image as POST request

3. Accurate Similar Results

We return list of similar images from indexed image database along with a similarity score


We have a simple pricing structure based on number of images indexed. No API call limit, no maintenance or processing charge. For more information contact us

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