Visually Similar Product Recommendations

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Use our visual search technology for

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Product Recommendations

Show products with similar pattern, shape and color from your entire catalogue


Snap and Search

Give your users ability to click and upload photo for visual search



Identify duplicate products and merge them to optimise catalogue and improve discovery

We provide RESTful APIs for visual search. Check our API Docs

How it Works?


1. Index Images

Use our API to index your entire catalog on our platform. We also provide bulk upload facility


2. Query Images

You can query for similar images either by URL or by uploading image as POST request


3. Accurate Similar Results

We return list of similar images from indexed image database along with a similarity score

We have a simple pricing structure based on number of images indexed. No API call limit, no maintenance or processing charge. For more information contact us

Benefits to Customer

Showcase better product recommendations to increase conversion rates and better customer engagement

Customer friendly search process with fastest response time

Cleaner product catalogue allowing more products to display

TuringIQ Similar Search Demo

You can check the accuracy and quality of results at our demo page which has index size of about 10,000 images


Love the screenshot? You can try it live at Similar Demo

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